i love it
Anonymous: OHMYGOD HAHA im a new fan so im kinda lagging behind, could you share more info/photos of their family? ^^

they just announced their divorce….

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Anonymous: are they a couple?

ya theyre married and they have 3 kids

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Anonymous: are they lesbians or not?


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hi everyone, if you havent noticed this blog has been pretty inactive…  so im proud to say im joining fuckyeahiconapop and helping jenna run it!!! im so excited, so if you dont already, follow that FYIP!!

thanks to everyone who has been supportive of this blog!!  see you at FYIP!

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i have solved the mystery of aino’s ethnicity…  her dad was African and her mom is Finnish if anyone cares omg


#icona pop #Aino Jawo #omg #i care bc i need to know what races can create such a goddess
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Okay, really long story with pictures about my experience seeing Icona Pop last Saturday at the Troubadour.

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it’s still on their vevo
there is still hope for the world then
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icona pop deleted the music video of nights like this off their youtube channel so i hope you all already witnessed that scene of them eating nachos to your hearts content because its GONE

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#icona pop #truly a sad day
Icona Pop - I Love It (Live at Amp Radio in LA)

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